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 This ten-module series prepares you to pitch your innovation in a compelling and persuasive way to potential customers, partners and investors.

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Brought to you by...

The Global Commercialization Group 
IC2 Institute at The University of Texas
at Austin.

“We have significantly expanded capacity to serve researchers and developers with technology and innovation commercialization-related issues."  O. Hamarneh, CEO, El Hassan Business Park, Jordan
“This is a great vehicle for introducing graduate students to the core topics of innovation.”  
Dr. Gary Cadenhead, The McCombs Business School at The University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.
"The presentation is elegant and brilliantly conceived. I found it riveting!" 
S. Ramesh, Defence Research and Development Organization, India


The Innovation Readiness Series was developed with an incredible team at The IC2 Institute:

  • Barbara Springer, Program Manager
  • Dr. Robert A. Peterson, and Dr. Greg Pogue of the IC2 Institute.
  • Sidney Burback, Director of the Global Commercialization Group of The IC2 Institute.

Special thanks to the people who helped build the IR Series:

  • Dr. Donna Kidwell, creator
  • Emily Coleman and Sara Hawkins, graduate students at the iSchool, The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Lisa Smyser, e-learning consultant
  • Mike Breck, editor and user champion. 
  • Donna Lipman, author of the “Presentations” module. 
  • Allen Varney, the editor of the ebook.